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This page is written in English for students. We want you to start to study immediately.
At Smith's School of English, you will see we provide high quality English teachers here in Japan. All teachers have a high level of motivation!!
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Smith's franchised English schools in Japan.

This page is written in English for students. We want you to start to study immediately, and we want you to have the best English school teachers in Japan. At Smith's franchise English School, you will see we really do provide high quality English teaching here in Japan. All teachers have a high level of motivation! We are a franchise English school and so every teacher is an owner! Our franchise English school teachers all enjoy teaching English in Japan very much. To be teaching English in Japan, away from your own country, it is very important that you love teaching in Japan. Our franchise English school teachers do love teaching in Japan and they love to teach their students to improve their English skills.

We know it is hard for you to choose an English School in Japan, so we want help you make that choice. We believe that if you want to study English, your English school must have teacher ownership. Our English school franchise system provides this need best! The teacher is very motivated and the English school franchise head office in Japan provides full support for the franchise. You must also have:

  1. Monthly payment system.
  2. 100% foreign teachers.
  3. Class size between 1 and 3 students.
  4. High quality teacher every lesson.
  5. Pay no money for text books.
  6. Support of professional Japanese staff.
  7. Support by a company that will always make sure you will have a teacher at over 50 schools in Japan.

O.K. We can tell you that Smith's School of English franchise can give you all of this!!!

Our franchise English school teachers are the best! Our franchise English schools have only professional teachers. Every lesson! How can you be sure? We use a monthly fees system, so if we do not do a good job you will quit the school! We want to teach you. We must do a good job teaching you English in Japan, every lesson!! Our franchise school head office will support you at all times. We will make sure you always have a professional English teacher near your house or near your work!! Remember, all franchise English schools know they have to be professional. It is most important to the franchise English school owner that you are happy. It is much more important to the franchise teacher than to any employee. You can be sure we will look after you. Come on and join us now. Call 0120 222 248.


Toll-Free 0120-222-248 Tel 06-6351-9200
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